Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An oldie but goodie...
Car Commercials - Prisoner of Type 7" - Soft Abuse
Car Commercials - Prisoner of Type 7" - Soft Abuse
This release is by no means new, in fact I thought it was out-of-print -- when I found out I could still order it I was excited to get a few copies for the mail order. Car Commercials are a duo, Daniel DiMaggio of Home Blitz and David Sutton, who make incredibly damaged music that is in some distant way related to rock and roll. This 7" comes after two thoroughly alienating LPs and a couple tapes and is really where it all comes together. The LPs are daunting affairs, at any given moment either bracing or bewildering -- except those brief snippets where Daniel's irrepressible and inscrutable pop genius comes barreling through, somehow aligning the howl and clatter into a moment that resembles power-pop, and then chaos again. Prisoner of Type tempers the willful, sometimes flimsy extremes of the LPs (they also seem to ditch the death and dying campy stuff) without losing the damaged, side-ways energy that is the appeal of the band, and for the most part it seems like Daniel is at the helm of the release, so the pop-element, though never on the surface, is almost always there in the background. Definitely not for everyone, in my opinion it's a classic.

$5, email to order it.

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