Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grasshopper - Miles In The Sky - House of Alchemy
Grasshopper - Miles In The Sky CS - House Of Alchemy
First time having this stalwart Brooklyn duo in the mail-order, digging their particular style of hands-on drone music made from trumpet and electronics. The piece on the A-side, "With Diamonds," moves like it's going to build a dream-scape out of the slowly mounting layers of sustained horn notes but in fact keeps pushing upward until instead of a blissful drone-zone we are treated to the shifting rhythmic play of maxed-out trumpet overtones. Nice. Bring back the cosmic horn for a second beneath the drifting shards of distortion and call it a day. Side B finds the duo lively and dissonant, going at it full bore with lurking tones and wild electronic squiggles. Cool sounds, wish it had the purposefulness of the flip. Kinda gets there at the end when they lock into a weird groove but then it fades. Ah well. Still, a nice one for sure, makes me wish I knew more about these guys (they have an LP? anyone?).

$7, email eggyrecords@gmail.com to order.

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