Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two From Sun Foot
Sun Foot - A & B - Folding Cassettes
Sun Foot - A & B - Folding Cassettes
Very happy to have two releases from the mighty Sun Foot in the mail-order. Easily one of my favorite bands around, describing their sound is not so easy. Minimalist Free Punk. Minimalist in that they leave as much space between the sounds as Young Marble Giants, Free as in they improvise or leave the song structures loose, and Punk as in the Minutemen, as in they are punk but they are also funny and real humans. A & B, on Mike Donovan's Folding Cassettes label, is made up of two side-length jams. One is an inscrutable instrumental that starts out in frictionless, drum-machine land, veers into good ol' martian rock and roll and somehow ends up in a gentle organ and bass pop-style very reminiscent of the previously mentioned YMG. The other is a "song" whose lyrics deal in the kind of surreal politics of the everyday which is a Sun Foot thing, and start to almost make sense by the end of the ten-ish minute duration. It's zonked for sure. I mean it's zonked even before the clarinet comes in.

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Sun Foot - Songs In the Key of R, B, C LP - Teenage Teardrops/Awesome Vistas
Sun Foot - Songs In the Key of R, B & C - Teenage Teardrops/Awesome Vistas
R, B and C being the first initials of the three Feet; Ron Burns, playing drum machine pads completely sans sequencing, and the occasional pot lid; Brian Mumford and Chris Johanson, switching up on guitar and bass, and someone plays a keyboard from time to time. Further explorations of Abstract Figurative Music, sounding super good on groovy vinyl. A-side is one long one, fuller sound and more psychedelic than I've heard from Sun Foot, nice chanted vocals swooping around in there. B-side is a cut and paste of shorter, impish jams and a few proper Songs, my favorite being "Sun Foot" -- bona fide Pop with lyrics like, "I have an electronically illuminated interior lifestyle/Does that mean that I don't have a Sun Foot?" Surreal politics of the everyday, I think I said before. This music exists more-or-less outside of any scene I can think of, for that reason it will strike some as exhilarating, might leave others scratching their heads. I know they've got some great material up their sleeve, looking forward to the next LP.

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