Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jonas Palm - De-Compositions - Borft
Jonas Palm - De-compositions LP - Borft
Rescued from two old cassette tapes, De-compositions is a collection of bedroom-recorded ambient synthesizer music from 1981, made in Sweden by Jonas Palm. Slated to be his second album(his first, Ze Wormnest, is rare and beloved enough for Keith Fullerton Whitman to do an edition of it on his deftly curated Creel Pone imprint), the record slipped through the cracks and was never released until now. And now is certainly the time for it; these Cluster-influenced 80s jams mellowed by tape hiss sound eerily contemporary. Which would all be fluff if the material weren't as good as it is. Much more open than his dark, focused first record, this LP has been on my turntable a lot lately and when it's good, it's really, really good, riding the epic, propulsive vibe of classic Harmonia/Cluster but tempered by the charm of home-recorded warmth and his economy of means(two synths and a rhythm box). Fans of the contemporary synth scene will find a lot to like here, although the appeal is certainly not limited.

$20, email to order it.

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