Thursday, May 19, 2011

V/A - Endless Loop Vol 1 - Pots Raw Records
V/A - Endless Loop Vol. 1 - Pots Raw Records
Only have one copy of this fun one, a compilation of bands from Lexington, KY, most of them centered around the Void Skateshop scene, I believe. Night-People just dropped their latest batch and Lexington swept up with three of the 13 or so new tapes coming from that fine city (Street Gnar, Trailblazer and Three Legged Race); Jovontaes have a new one on San Fran label DNT; and Eggy will be completing it's Lexington trilogy (you heard it hear first, kids) with a killer new Trailblazer tape in a few weeks. Fun pop vibe throughout, nice snapshot of a city quietly exporting more musical talent than most of us realize.

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