Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two from Australia
Muura - Untitled 7" - Albert's Basement
Muura - Untitled 7" - Albert's Basement
Believe me, I love Eddy Current as much as the next guy, but as the Australian Invasion continues to go strong (see also: Woollen Kits/Woolen Men tour 2012), I've really been digging the darker, weirder corners of Oceania that have come to light as a result. Generally speaking, a big salute goes to Albert's Basement for unearthing and funding a lot of the great stuff that has crossed my ears, and specifically speaking, I have a few copies of their latest release, this mysterious 7" by Muura, one Matt Earle from Brisbane. A very personal record, not in a heart-on-sleeve kind of way, but to put this record on is to step into a world of it's own musical logic, a world foreign but also comforting. Two sides of hushed, murky distortion, organ and tape hiss somehow making it to one's ears from a faraway place. No melodies, no lyrics, but not drone music either. Strange and gentle despite the blasted fidelity. Not a record for everyone, but some of us will cherish it as our secret.
NB: two kinds of art for this 7", one full color and very hand-made very much in the style of old-school Not Not Fun releases, the other B&W photocopied, only have one of the full-colors.

$7, email to order it.

Mad Nanna - I've Been Talking 7 " - Little Big Chief
Mad Nanna - I've Been Talking 7" - Little Big Chief
Two Garbage and the Flowers-style stoned strummers from the excellent Mad Nanna, different versions of tracks that are on the Goaty Tape ("I've Been Talking" and "I Made Blood Better"). This is actually an American reissue of the 7", which originally came out on Albert's Basement and sold out quite briskly. So big ups for Little Big Chief for stepping up and making it available again -- the AB edition was actually my introduction to the band, and in the distant future when all of our cassettes are warbley and broken (I didn't say that) I will be very happy to have this little gem of wax to spin on the turntable. Seriously guys, weird, excellent music on vinyl is the best. It takes balls to release it and you will be comforted to own it.

$6, email to order.

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