Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weyes Blood/Angels In America - Split - Northern Spy
Angels In America/Weyes Blood - Split CS - Northern Spy
Halloween is around the corner, which reminds me I haven't written about this Angels In America tape yet... Creepazoid pop music very much in the school of Russian Tsarlag, boy-girl duo making murky trudgers about dark corners and skeletons and people dying/death in general. Super minimal sound -- Tsarlag style -- got some simple drum machine and one-note-at-a-time synth playing, they do layer it up for a moment at the end, which makes me suspect that these guys might have some pop moves up their sleeves. On the flip is Weyes Blood, very cool project from Natalie Mering, who NEVER PLAYED BASS IN JACKIE O MOTHERFUCKER. Not that it's a good or bad thing to play bass in Jackie O Motherfucker, she just didn't. Anyway, I would say that generally speaking I am siked about Weyes Blood, who seems equally interested in solid, late-60s-style folk songwriting and interesting sound textures and tape manipulation. Saw her play recently, I was into it, but there was also a middle-aged couple there, total randos, and they were fucking stoked. So yeah. Three tracks here not on her NNF 12", relatively unadorned, the first one is killer and the last a cool sound-piece that also functions as a song. Prescient split of two interesting, up-and-coming projects on the interesting, up-and-coming Northern Spy label, yours for a mere six dollars.

$6, email to order.

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