Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hey! It's a new tape!
The Woolen Men - The Hair Of The Night - Eggy 35
The Woolen Men - The Hair Of The Night - Eggy 35
Something of a mission statement from the Woolen Men, who -- five tapes in -- put the last touches on the formula they've been honing for the last few years and gear up for LP land. That formula: 1/3 pop music, 1/3 60s music, 1/3 post-punk. Two cover songs anchor the tape; one a lost power-pop gem from the Flamin' Groovies early 90s comeback album and the other a garage-psych one-off from a British band called the Fairytale. Add to that the doom-y punk of "Still Running" and the Beatles-y "Wick Is Sick" and the World of the Woolen Men starts to take shape. Their most realized work to date, 200 pro-dubbed, clear-yellow tapes with glittery sleeves, $5.
Email to order it.
And it's also available in the modern world via bandcamp here.

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