Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Laura Warholic - What Comes Before The Word?? - Faux Pas
Laura Warholic - What Comes Before The Word?? - Faux Pas
Solo tape from the boy-half of Angels In America -- despite all the horror movie posturing of that duo, What Comes Before The Word?? is a surprisingly unguarded take on downer bedroom pop. There's plenty of "creepiness" in the form of spoken word bits with squealing electronic sounds in the background but it seems less concerned with dead bodies in the corner and more with bumming oneself out on a lonely Friday night at home. I think Russian Tsarlag should get the nod for creating this genre. One track on the B-sides goes for full-on AIA mode, pairing an apocalyptic/Freudian short story with industrial beats but I'm not feeling it, for whatever reason. I am digging the combo of pop songs and artsy spoken bits, also digging the wider range of images, emotions and sounds covered here than on the AIA stuff I've heard. Maybe the group is going in this direction?

$6, email eggyrecords@gmail.com to order it.

PS. Volume levels go up and down from track to track on this tape, just a heads up if that kind of thing bothers you.

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