Friday, November 4, 2011

Thought Broadcast - Up Maker 7" - Phaserprone
Thought Broadcast - Up-Maker 7" - Phaserprone
Brooklyn-based Phaserprone continues to impress, pairing excellent design work with a unique take on the fringe music scene. Thick paper and stately letter-press work have become the visual hall-mark of the label, while musically the releases tend toward rhythmically focused experimentation. Thought Broadcast reminds me of the other Broadcast actually, though only tangentially. These are of course not pop songs, nor is there a demure chanteuse, but it's not hard to imagine these four songs as lost instrumental tracks from the late, more experimental era of the British band. There is something vaguely 60s about the rhythms -- they are simple and propulsive -- and the odd electronic sounds are channeled into semi- and sometimes overtly melodic phrases. Very cool and mysterious 7", the somewhat high cost reflects the high production value.

$8, email to order it.

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