Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Le Super Djata Band Du Mali - En Super Forme - Musique Mondiale
Le Super Djata Band Du Mali - En Super Forme LP - Musique Mondiale
Four long, hypnotic tracks from the Malian Super Djata Band. Discogs lists the original issue of this LP at 1982 but I would guess that these recordings date to at least a few years earlier given the nicely swampy fidelity. Similar to other group records from Mali I've heard, the songs tend toward mid-tempo and draw their strength from their magnetic repetitiveness. The bass, for example, locks into a single, simple line for each long song and plays it into infinity. My knowledge is limited, but the Super Djata Band seems fairly stripped down, lacking horns and featuring a single guitarist -- but they use the economy of the setup very well and the guitarist is really extraordinary, easily moving from the chiming figures that accompany the singing into the nimble leads that intersperse the songs.

Here's live footage from Malian television, circa the early 80s. The group on the LP sounds much smaller than the relatively large one here but the song is fairly representative and -- holy shit! -- that guitarist! that guitarist!

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