Friday, October 28, 2011

Very happy to announce the release of a new tape on Eggy! Two more will follow shortly as a trilogy of Portland pop music...
The Charts/Besties - Split CS - Eggy Records
The Charts/Besties - Split Tape - Eggy
Besties are Orca Team's evil twin and the Id of Portland's pop scene. Leif Anders heads both groups, but trades in Orca Team's (see Eggy releases 12 and 16) airy, pre-Beatles 1960s fascinations for a focus on tightly-wound and propulsive songs. The beat leads on the one and the guitar winds relentless arpeggios, verses happen as quickly as the choruses, and all but one song clocks in at around 2 minutes; lean and forceful.

"Sleepovers With Sara" by Besties

The Charts are Portland's Traditionalists, proudly carrying the torch of Classic Pop Songcraft. We are talking about three-chord wonders that are stuck in your head before the first verse is even over. And then there's the chorus. The Charts are also a mess, but a good mess (most of the time), and it would be hard to imagine them any other way. I am a big enough fan of these guys that after months of pestering them about when they would finally get it together and record already, I took matters into my own hands. The four songs here are the fruit of two weekends of blood, sweat and beers the Charts, my cassette 4-track and I spent together and I couldn't be more proud of them.

"We Got It Good" by the Charts

More tracks can be found here:

And there is a release show as well!

Sunday, Nov 6th at Rontoms
The Charts
Orca Team

Tape costs $5, email to order it.

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