Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mad Nanna - I Made Blood Better - Goaty Tapes
Mad Nanna - I Made Blood Better - Goaty Tapes
Here's the twinsies tape -- fraternal -- to the recent Eggy release. Mad Nanna is the project of Michael Zulicki who runs the excellent Albert's Basement label outside Melbourne, Australia. Me and Mickey have been buds for a while now via mutual appreciation and distribution -- his skewed take on "pop" music is certainly up my alley -- and the fact that I'm writing about a tape he did on Zully Adler's Goaty imprint -- ditto his "pop" sensibilities -- well, it's just right. This is the way Mad Nanna roll, or so I have gathered -- Mickey rounds up a band; somebody presses Record; perhaps some of the band have heard the song before or have rehearsed or have some idea of what they are doing; magic happens. In this mode of operation they have a precedent in the sideways stylings of the epic Garbage and the Flowers. Both make music that ambles and wanders and stumbles but cannot ultimately conceal the fact that underneath it all are great, memorable, weirdly catchy songs. I Made Blood Better has some excellent, poppy, newer songs, namely the title track and My Two Kids, as well as some different versions of tracks on the Eggy tape, You Can't Expect It and Outside Donati's Meats. Really great design work from Zully on this one -- the sleeve is nice, thick paper with a little letter-pressing under the inside cover with a "found"-style insert and a gold seal to top it off. It goes without saying that I highly recommend this tape. Also recommended is Michael's previous tape with Goaty with his band Silk Ears (you can read my ecstatic review here) which I just restocked.
$6, email eggyrecords@gmail.com to order

Mad Nanna - My Two Kids (From I Made Blood Better on Goaty Tapes)

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