Friday, July 8, 2011

No UFO's - Mind Control - Dub Ditch Picnic
No UFO's - Mind Control - Dub Ditch Picnic
Tripper of a tape that works despite it's totally zonked set up. Side A is a non-stop barrage of 3 or 4 second long clips of music sounding like scanning the radio on a planet where the stations only play krautrock, cosmic synth music and beat-heavy dub. Leaves a weird musical echo in the brain, so much so quickly. Side B is nice, if less idiosyncratic. Just some pulsing synth drift, possibly provided to ease your garbled mind after the hopscotch of the flip. WFMU's Brian Turner liked it enough to make his 2010 top 10, but to be fair, Doug Mosurock did not like it.

$6, email to order

The name comes from this:
Model 500 - No UFO's

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