Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clearing - Keepsake - No Kings
Clearing - Keepsake - No Kings
First off, my out-of-focus picture is criminally unrepresentative of the art for this tape. Two-color letterpress on nice, thick paper, very classy tape. The new Phaserprone batch is also letter-pressed, hopefully it's a trend because these are all very nice looking tapes, wouldn't mind having more like them around the "shop." Clearing is the project of one Joseph Volmer, who presents here a tape of grainy, ominous tape collage and washed-out synth work. Somber in tone and a little creepy, in a good way. A perfunctory listen might put this in the New Age/VHS/whatever-the-kids-are-calling-it camp but I'm digging the dark undercurrent that sneaks up from time to time, infinitely preferable to the moments of "bliss" etc. Reminds me of Pink Priest's darker jams. Nice stuff, little bits of the tape hint at quite a few possible future directions this project might take, so it'll be interesting to keep an eye on this guy.

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