Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sorry for any slowdown of late, my laptop may or may not finally be dead (After 6 and a half years! What a trooper!).

The annual fundraiser for Appendix Gallery is tonight and should be great. A ton of great art is going to get raffled off (you could win a piece of art for 5 bucks!), everyone is going to be drunk out of their gourds, the Woolen Men are going to play, and then there will be a dance party. There will also be tacos. Insane.
Appendix is in the alley between NE 26th and 27th, just south of Alberta.
From 6ish until 7ish will be a silent auction for the art pieces, the raffle at 10ish, partying begins when raffle ends.

Come and buy raffle tickets and go home with a piece by:
Brennan Conaway, Carlos Gonzalez, Charissa Niles, Container Corps, Dave Griess, Edward Sharp, Gary Wiseman, Laura Hughes, Michael Reinsch, Midori Hirose, Molly Cooney-Mesker, Nathan Dinihanian, Oregon Painting Society, PISS, Sean Patrick Carney, Terence Duvall, Zach Rose

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