Saturday, March 19, 2011

Night-People re-stocks!
Pageants - s/t - Night-People
Pageants - s/t - Night-People - $6
White Woods - Bellplay - Night-People
White Woods - Bellplay - Night-People $6
Followers of this blog know how much I've been digging the Australian pop-scene of late, particularly the stuff coming out of Melbourne/Victoria -- so I'm very happy to have these two great tapes back in stock. I should know by now to stock-up on the Aussie tapes that NP puts out because they go so fast but I was luckily able to grab a few more this time around. Both these tapes have a nice balance between 60's and 90's influences. Pageants stick to a leaner approach -- simple, reverb-heavy songs adorned with dark 12-string guitar and organ. White Woods pair a snappy rhythm section that reminds of the Bats with messy, 90's-style psych in the vein of Brian Jonestown Massacre. Two excellent tapes, I'm guessing you'll hear more from both of these groups.

(Brisbane, I know...)

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