Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lab Coast - Pictures On the Wall
Turn the radio on in 2011 and it's clear that guitar-based pop music is as much on the fringe as avant-improv jazz. We can look to the Woodsist axis to see how easy it is to slip from psyched-out noise to reverbed-out hooks. So it's on the plane of the cassette underground that Bug Incision main-man Chris Dadge and I met, via his Bent Spoon Duo's weird scratchings. When Dadge got in touch about doing a tape with his pop group it was a no-brainer -- we were kindred wanderers moving between the two fringe worlds. Which is to say nothing of the gem he and Lab Coast turned in with Pictures On The Wall, which is one of those tapes that finds it's way into my tape deck and orbits there, going 'round and 'round. If you've been digging the pop music Shawn Reed has been releasing over at Night-People(Twerps, Pageants, White Woods, Terrorbird), this will be your jam. $6

And the band tells me they've made the release readily available digitally, itunes, CDbaby, etc.

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