Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brand new label in town, Brian Mumford's Musical Impressions imprint. Release number one is Much Of The Nuance Is Lost by Deeds:
Deeds - Much Of the Nuance Is Lost - Musical Impressions
Deeds - Much Of The Nuance Is Lost - Musical Impressions
Head-cleaning thrash of pummeling drums, guitar skronk and weird electronics delivered in short, loud, improvised bursts. But as blasted as these tracks are, the sense of communication and interplay between players(Mumford and drummer John Niekrasz) is never lost. The questions is not how far out either of the two can get, but how far out they can get together. The primitive electronics Mumford brings to the table are a nice and mysterious addition. I also dig the sense of space these pieces create, very open somehow and dangling above the void. $6

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