Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Woolen Men - The Portland Building - Gnar Tapes
Really happy to announce the release of a new Woolen Men tape on Gnar Tapes, an awesome label who've done tapes with White Fang, the Whines, Meth Teeth, Starving Weirdos, Lucky Dragons, and on and on. Seven songs altogether (six originals and a Go-Betweens cover), pro-dubbed tapes, pro-printed J-cards, link to a digital version. The works. They cost $7.

And to go along with the new tape, here's EGGY MIX NUMBER TWO, this time put together by Lawton Browning of the Woolen Men:


Harry Nilsson - Cuddly Toy
Volcano Suns - Jak
Scott Walker - Three
Judee Sill - The Kiss
Killing Joke - Requiem
Frank Black - (I Want To Live) On An Abstract Plane
X - The Unheard Music
Destroy All Monsters - Vampire
Talking Heads - Girls Want To Be With Girls
Faust - Jennifer
Ramones - Bonzo Goes To Bitburg
Replacements - Bastards of Young
Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby

Get it


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