Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grouper - Dragging a Dead Dear Up a Hill LP - self-released
Grouper - Dragging A Dead Dear Up A Hill LP
I have just a few copies of this LP, the third pressing of Grouper's masterpiece record from 2008, pressed by Liz Harris herself (not Type). For those unfamiliar with Grouper's work, her music started out in the form of stark, textural pieces made from distortion, delay and voice then very slowly, release by release, incorporated elements of melody and song structure. The DDD LP is probably the farthest she's leaned into the realm of song-craft, and it's also the first release that really opened up her sound texturally. It's a stunning record, the songs are incredibly good and deeply affecting, they really give you chills. I have listened to this record many many times. $16

I also have copies of Wide
Grouper - Wide - Weird Forest/Untitled
Grouper - Wide LP - Weird Forest $15

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