Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Three new Eggy tapes!
They are five dollars each, email if you want to put an order in. You can scope the whole discography here.

Earthmasters - s/t - Eggy 18
Earthmasters - s/t - Eggy Number 18

"Beheaded" by Earthmasters
Earthmasters is the woozy, sideways pop-craft of young Brooklynite George Demoura. George sites Ariel Pink and Blank Dogs as influences but what he's created is a million times more zonked and wholly his own. These tracks exist in a frictionless alter-verse, either instrumentals held down by sea-sick drum machine or pop songs whose bizarre logic doesn't keep them from being inscrutably, weirdly catchy. Hand-colored covers, each one a little different. Pro-dubbed.

Five Dollars. Order here.

Nodolby - s/t - Eggy 17
Nodolby - s/t - Eggy Number 17

"Red is the color of my true love's hair" by Nodolby
Nodolby is the solo project of Mic Scariot who runs the Italian noise label Dokuro, and who has graced Eggy with an excellent tape of lush, elegant noise music. The sonic palate is wide, moving from the traditional feedback-distortion axis into more mysterious audio territory where strange rattling and scraping evokes Brothers Quay-style interiors and where distant melody flickers in the dusk. Hand-colored covers, each one a little different. Pro-dubbed.

Five Dollars. Order here.

Orca Team - Let It Go - Eggy 16
Orca Team - Let It Go - Eggy Number 16

"Vancouver B.C" by Orca Team
Ten songs from this Portland trio who have made the pre-Beatles 60s their turf and keep company with the likes of Link Wray and Joe Meek's reverb-pop projects. The tracks here outline a very succinct sound -- stylishly up-front bass-lines, flashes of melodic guitar and steady, minimal drumming. Remarkably solid collection of songs that just get better and better with each listen. Pro-dubbed.
Recorded by Robert from Hornet Leg/Nucular Aminals.

Five Dollars. Order here.

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