Monday, September 27, 2010

It's been a while since carrying their stuff, but it's really nice to have a few Holy Cheever Church releases to offer again:
Chris Dadge - What Comes After Dust - Holy Cheever Church
Chris Dadge - What Comes After Dust
Chris Dadge -- half of the Bent Spoon Duo, a third of the Bent Spoon Trio, Bug Incision head-honcho, and member of countless other projects from all over the sonic map -- offers up a solo tape of the kind of beguiling-instrumented improv very much in line with his Bent Spoon work. The main difference is in the tone of the work, which is much darker and more insistent than the duo, which has its share of playful and open moments. $6
Gino Robair - NoiseBox - Holy Cheever Church
Gino Robair - NoiseBox (e.11.B)
Solo instrumental work on -- I'm assuming -- the NoiseBox. Not sure if this kind of tape belongs to a genre or scene but I always enjoy these releases when they come my way. A man, a single piece of electronics and no overdubs. The result is a tape of odd sound -- chattering, chirruping, whistles, groans, raspy howls and the sudden, thick worm of noise, shimmering with electricity. And lots of space, little bits of silence always poking though. I think listening to these tapes I dig how simple the relationship is between maker and listener. One on one. Gino might as well be playing through the phone. $6
Pete Fosco - Negative Mind - Holy Cheever Church
Pete Fosco - Negative Mind
Nice tape from Pete Fosco, a distant sonic cousin to Pete Swanson's recent releases, teetering on the line between tone and texture, playing that hard, bright mid-range of saturated audio. Why do these kind of tapes always sound so sad? There's no tracklisting but the second piece on side A is quite arresting -- simple and beautiful. Side B is barely there, just the light of the setting sun on the surface of the water, then a short guitar piece to close the tape out. Really excellent stuff, slow and measured, the sound always shifting in subtle ways. $6

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