Monday, September 6, 2010

Came across a nice treasure trove of out-of-print tapes my roommates had stored away from their days running a mobile small-press arts shop out of their Airstream, hope to get everything posted in the next week or so. First up is a nice batch of Night-People tapes and a Night-People related Not Not Fun tape. I only have one copy of each of these.
Black Vatican - Night People
Black Vatican - Zed Omega - Night-People 020
With the NP catalog up to 112 releases and counting, this is practically a fossil at release number 20. Black Vatican are a duo who do wobbly, blasted pop music very much setting the tone for subsequent NP tapes by people like Truth Syrum and Hanging Coffins. Classic Shawn Reed silk-screen art on the cover of this one. $8
Chris Cooper and Bill Nace Duo - Night People
Bill Nace and Chris Cooper Duo - Night-People 022
I haven't listened to this one yet but it's definitely on the nicest looking tapes in the NP catalog. $8
Dunebuggy - Night People
Dunebuggy - S/T - Night-People 071
Really happy to have a copy of this back in stock. Debut tape from the good-times rock and roll creepazoid super duo of Ryan Garbes(Raccoo-oo-oon, Wet Hair) and Charles Free(Taterbug, California Son). Every song on here is pretty much a fried take on Louis Louis/Wild Thing done with blasted organ and drums and wild pixie-singing. One of my favorite NP tapes. $8
Hanging Coffins - Night People
Hanging Coffins - S/T - Night People
Severely zonked tape from this mysterious Eugene, Oregon group that swerves between fried riffage to melodic, downer jams. $8
Meth Teeth - Night People
Meth Teeth - Indian Spirits - Night People
Four song tape originally issued by Olympia, WA Ick Ick Records for a Meth Teeth tour, if I remember correctly, all the tracks appear in different versions on their Woodsist LP, if I remember correctly. "I Was Wrong" is one of their jams. $8
Shepherds with Shawn Reed - Eyes of the World - Not Not Fun 083
Shepherds with Shawn Reed - Eyes of the World - Not Not Fun 083
Shepherds is a Woods side project, I recognize main-man Jeremy Earl and tape-looper Nonhorse Lucas Crane among the four names, the other guys might be in Woods, too, this time joined with Night-People Raccoo-oo-oon Wet Hair Shawn Reed. This has got a Pre-American, pre-song Woods vibe, all shambling psych-murk and tape loops, none of the lo-fi indie sound their onto now. Nice snapshot of the tape underground of a few years ago. $8

More tapes to come, Friends and Relatives, Isolated Now Waves, RRRecords.

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