Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two new Eggy tapes for early summer:

The Polyps - Twenty Colored Circle - Eggy Fifteen
The Polyps - Twenty Colored Circle - Eggy Number Fifteen

"Twenty Colored Circle Parts 2 and 3" by the Polyps

This tape was conceived of as the sister tape to last year's The Gong Is the Moon on Night-People, further exploring the use of tape loops, synthesizer and homemade electronics in combination with simple song-form, but incorporating field recordings and a more pronounced audio-collage aesthetic. Three tracks; one ten-minute, side-length piece of '60s leaning pop fragments backed by Idea Fire Company-inspired synth drift, and two on the flip using mellow, electronic warble and some noisy crows. $5

A lot of the Polyps back catalog is listenable here:
And The Gong Is the Moon, which came out on Night-People, is still in print, but I can't imagine it will be for long:

Street Gnar - Street Gnar EP - Eggy Fourteen
Street Gnar - Street Gnar EP - Eggy Number Fourteen

"Soux Bee" by Street Gnar

Totally breezy, effortless pop. You just slip into it like talking to an old friend. This is the latest missive from the Void Skateshop crew who are ripping it up in Kentucky, totally on a roll right now. Check out the Jovontaes tape if you haven't yet. Street Gnar is hitting the road next month, North-East and Mid-West in early June if you are lucky enough to live in those parts. $5

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