Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hello, I am house-sitting for this whole next week. I'm not sure that I will have internet, but I will manage to check email once or twice and I will probably try to mail any orders out maybe once at some point during the week. On that note, I have Pete Swanson's tapes in stock again, all three of them (Denim Life, Unlimited Options, Mr. Entertainment). I cannot recommend these tapes highly enough -- totally beautiful destruction with the barely audible threads of song form holding everything together. I also have the new El Jesus de Magico tape on Goaty, which is blown-out and hypnotic. Kind of a Sonic Youth trip this time out. OK, see you later!


kitty magic said...

wow one time i house sat for my auntie & cousin and it was sooo fun!!!!

Gnar said...

Hey email me when you get a chance!