Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two great tapes from BAKED TAPES out of Brooklyn:

Driphouse - Romanti & Gains - Baked
New tape from an Eggy favorite -- Driphouse is the solo project of Iowa expat Daren Ho based in Brooklyn now. Two long-form synth jammers. Side A is a head-nodder, riding a muted, loping groove through swells of synthesizer and keyboard figures until running into some very trippy and elastic territory. Tape speeds become vague, fever sets in. Side B is more monumental, probably some of my favorite Driphouse stuff to date. Slow filters, nice tones, epic eyes-on-the-setting-sun vibe, kind of an East coast Brother Raven thing. Very nice. $6

Nasa - High Cube - Baked
NASA - High Cube
Very pleasant surprise with this tape. I picked it up having stocked their Not Not Fun tape last year, and enjoyed that one for it's in-the-red, total bruiser, cavemen-in-the-basement antics. Shit has really come together in the meantime, and these guys sound totally in control. The tracks are more measured and open -- the opening piece has something magisterial about it and a rough beauty. Thoroughly enjoyable tape that covers a lot of ground. Side B even ends with some sludgified blues murk in the vein of the earlier NNF tape. Comes with a very silly Baked Tapes sticker. $6

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