Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goaty Tapes:
Truth Syrum - Why We Look At Our Neighbors - Goaty Tapes
Truth Syrum - Why We Look At Our Neighbors
Nice follow-up to last years Night-People tape, Truth Syrum dispels the murk of that release to give us a better view of his strange sonic worldview. Lots more “candy” on this tape -- nice guitar figures, some vaguely 60s pop moments – but more idiosyncratically weird passages, too. Long encounter with a piece of squealing electronic junk is a highlight. $7. Order here.

Russian Tsarlag - Goaty Tapes
Russian Tsarlag– Unleash the Chain
This beloved Rhode Island creepazoid is in top form here – indolent, detuned pop numbers interspersed with dialog from VHS throwaway flicks. B-movie vibe ties everything together, probably the best, most cohesive Russian Tsarlag release to date. Elaborate packaging with letter-pressed insert. $7. Order here.

HNY - Dead in a Year - Goaty Tapes
HNY - Dead in a Year
Gothic, American darkness. Deep tape. Does not stop being bleak for a second. Which isn't to say it isn't carefully put together -- the attention to detail and wide sonic palette really stand out. Reminds me of that moment on the first Valet record where she goes, "My blood is clean/ but the devil's in me," turned into an entire tape. $7. Order here.

Trudgers - Goaty Tapes
Trudgers - Bedroom's On Fire
One of the most straight-forward tapes in the Goaty catalog to date -- the reference points here are 1980s romantic and gothic stuff and there's a Smashing Pumpkins cover to end things out. A steady beat and forward momentum through-out give it a feeling of always being on the verge, always being in a heightened emotional zone. The quality of this stuff should silence the haters -- plenty of hooks and thought-through arrangements. $7. Order here.

Paradise Sisters - Jeff Atkins no. 7 - Goaty Tapes
Paradise Sisters - Jeff Atkins no. 7
Hypnotic synth-sludge. Definitely not an easy listen, sometimes brutally repetitive, moments of genuinely odd beauty and weird peace form themselves from the murk. LP for De Stijl on the way. $7. Order here.

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