Monday, February 22, 2010

GOOD GRIEF! Things are piling up around here. First, Tapefest is this Thursday at Holocene. It is not to be missed! Hammer of Hathor, Pete Swanson, Mattress are all gonna play, plus a handful of labels representing including Eggy, Stunned and UHU. There is a suggested donation of 2 dollars.

Second, I was interviewed by some folks over at Wieden and Kennedy for a "TV" show about Portland music called Don't Move Here. The link is here (the movie starts playing right away, just so you know). It's a super nice show put together by Shayla Hason and Aaron Rose (of the ANP Quarterly), check out the one about Grouper and Valet.

Third, two new tapes by the end of the week, Woolen Men and Jovontaes. I will have them at Tapefest, along with those new Eggy t-shirts.

Fourth, today is the birthday of Luis Bunuel, my favorite director.

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