Thursday, January 14, 2010

Three new tapes from Eggy:
Mattress - WFMU Tape - Eggy Number Ten
Rex Marshall is a local hero around here, good to have him in the Eggy family. These tracks are from a session Mattress did on my buddy Jason Sigal's Talk Cheap radio show on WFMU a couple months back. Stripped down to the bare essentials, the strange and powerful vibe of the Mattress live set is in full effect on these cuts. The drums are hard hitting and Rex's vocals are in top form. To top it off, Richard Rusincovich engineered the session so the sound is killer. Three tracks are from the latest LP, Low Blows, the other four span the Mattress catalog, making the tape a good intro for those unfamiliar with this post-apocalyptic junkyard crooner. A great document of the energy and sound of the Mattress live set, and a very proud moment for Eggy. $5
Mattress page
Mattress space
Lame Drivers - Launchpad 2 Demoverse - Eggy Number Nine
Hard to know where to start with this tape. Lame Drivers main-man Jason Sigal(see above) and I were housemates for a year in Providence, over the course of which we played together in four different bands(not counting two cover bands), worked at the same radio station, traversed the nation in a Chevy Tahoe and blew our minds at Terrastock. So the connections run deep. Around the time I started up Eggy, the Drivers distributed their "Let Them Eat Tape" cass to a small circle of friends then stopped making them -- a "lost classic" if there ever was one. Once Eggy got underway, it only made sense to approach Jason about rescuing the tape from oblivion, but he offered up a batch of new recordings instead, which is what I am proud to be offering now. Demoverse is a different animal completely than Let Them Eat Tape and I didn't know what to make of it at first. For half a decade, Jason and the Drivers had been issuing blast after blast of blown-out power-pop candy, but this is a definite curve ball. The list of influences spirals out of control, not only from track to track but from moment to moment. Scrappy lo-fi pop, turns into big rock, turns into weird noise, turns into David Bowie. The Lame Drivers own thing going on here. Make no mistake, though, the pop hooks are there, and in spades, but you've got to find them this time out. Exciting to watch a band create their own universe, and also nice to have a tape in the Eggy catalog pulling away from the lo-fi trend and the every-song-same-sound monoculture dominating the underground right now. $5
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The Honeys - Phraze Haze - Eggy Number Eight
The Honeys are your friends. They are two of your smart, talented friends who decided to start making music together not so they could have a record deal and fans but because that's what creative people do in the small city where they live. When you listen to their music it sounds like your two friends making music together, and it sounds like the city you live in. Kersti's voice is honest and clear, and her guitar playing energetic and intuitive, Jeff's voice is rough and emotional, and his drumming simple and effective. These songs have a magnetic attraction. I have listened to this tape many many times. $4
Kersti's website
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