Saturday, December 19, 2009

Of note, the excellent Calgary-based improv group Bent Spoon Duo recorded a special set for the WFMU show the Long Rally the other day and it's posted on Beware of the Blog. The set is really great, very mysterious music those two play. You can listen to it here. The reason I bring this up, other than that it's great music, is that I've still got a copy or two of Bent Spoon Duo's tape for Holy Cheever Church, called Fossils of Slumber. It's really a great tape and it bums me out a little bit that it hasn't flown off the shelf. You can order it at the mail order part of the site, here. Portland folks, if you dig Hammer of Hathor (and who doesn't?), you'll dig this tape.

Bent Spoon Duo - Fossils of Summer - HCC 020
Mike Khoury/Chris Riggs - My Words Came Out Slow and Odd - HCC 024

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