Friday, October 30, 2009

Eggy Records table
Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Eggy Records table the other night! The Labelmates event was really fun and pleasant. Nice to see people and chat. I was next to Eric and the Audiodregs table -- it's been a while since I've paid close attention to what they've been doing (Audiodregs was definitely a favorite label of mine growing up in Portland) and it was great to be reminded that they are still such a solid, positive force in the Portland scene. Also, cool to meet some of the Gnar Tapes dudes -- picked up their tapes by Lucky Dragons and Starving Weirdos. Picked up the new Lucky Dragons 12" on Teenage Teardrops from the Marriage booth, too, which is really, really great. It's made up of a handful of longer, hypnotic tracks, much less frayed and playful than the last LP. More like the Widows stuff.
A bunch of tapes arrived from Gel yesterday, they look awesome, I hope to have them down at the Half and Half in the next couple days. Digitalis stuff should be arriving soon. And the next batch of Eggy stuff is coming together really quickly. The next three will be:
The Honeys
Lame Drivers

(cassette tape cookies I made for the Holocene event)
happy tape cookies
distressed tape cookies



Those cookie tapes are awesome! I wish i got to eat one. I would have eaten an eats tapes tape! Yay! Eggy!

Eggy Records said...

Hey Jeff, just got back from photocopying the Honeys inserts. Looking good!