Saturday, September 5, 2009

These are the three latest releases from Eggy Records proper:
Majic Eyes - S/T
Danny is a friend of mine from Providence, now living in San Francisco. This tape is the debut of his bedroom psych-pop project Majic Eyes. The territory here is the hazy pop of prime Elephant 6 -- weird, blown out sounds, solid pop songs, strange, sometimes disturbing, lyrics. What really stands out is the simplicity of these songs, and the stripped-down arrangements make the sturdiness of the song-writing apparent. Adorned with restraint, the simple, home-made percussion, odd synthesizer noise and doubled-up vocals buttress the songs in the right places without weighing them down. Eggy Records is very proud to be introducing this music to a larger audience. $4

Selda Bagcan - '71
I picked up a Selda Bagcan(pronounced "bah-jan") CD when I was in Istanbul a few years ago after hearing her music on both the Love, Peace and Poetry: Turkey compilation and the first self-titled CD that Finders Keepers released. The CD turned out to be a collection of early singles, circa 1971, that were much more melodic and rooted in folk music than the heavy-hitting psych grooves of the other releases. In this stripped down setting her incredible voice and guitar playing really shine. The CD quickly became a personal favorite and one I've listened to on a regular basis ever since that trip to Turkey. Despite many reissues of her early catalog, most of the tracks are still effectively unavailable to anyone living outside of Turkey, hence this Eggy release. Ten songs altogether, this selection represents the peak of Selda's early career. It should be noted that five of these tracks are available on the World Psych LTD Selda release of material largely from the mid 70s, but A) I do not care for the rest of the music on that CD and B) my two favorite Selda songs -- the Yalan Dunya/Kalenin Dibinde Tas Ben Olaydim single, which features the incredible garage/psych/traditional Turkish group Mogollar (pronounced "moh-oh-lar") as her backing band -- were left off. $4

Illustrated Selda discography here.
Unofficial Selda myspace.
The Woolen Men - Pavilion
This is the debut EP of the scrappy, bright-eyed Woolen Men. The six songs here highlight the basic principles guiding this Portland trio: energy, melody, simplicity. Comparisons have run the gamut from first generation Flying Nun and 1970s Talking Heads to Tom Petty and early Police, but the through line is well-written songs hammered out by a steady schedule of dates around town. Much more from these guys on the way. $4


j son said...

i am excited for all of these!

Eggy Records said...

Hoping to mail a bunch of stuff out tomorrow. There's a package with your name on it...

Brad Rose said...

raf!! i need to email you, but these tapes are killing me right now... the selda bootleg was such a welcome sight as i rate that s/t record as one of my five all-time faves.

this isn't leaving the tape player for a while...