Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brian Mumford has put together an amazing evening of art and performance going on at Holocene on Wednesday night. Dragging An Ox will play, as will Operative and Salt Orchard; Dana Dart-McLean has curated a wearable sculpture fashion procession with work by Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Storm Tharp, Alicia McDaid, Loyal Mantooth, and members of Oregon Painting Society, among others; me and Chris Johanson of Awesome Vistas (and of painting, duh) and James of Below PDX and Alex(?) of Together Tapes will have label booths and be DJing; Liz Harris of Grouper will be projecting projections; Janet Pants will be choreographing something. Wow!
Other Eggy news -- new tape will be out tomorrow for the event! It's a secret what it is! You'll have to come see! Majic Eyes is totally done, just waiting for the tapes to get back from the factory. Last little fiddling with Woolen Men tape in the next couple days and then off it goes to be dubbed.
Speaking of Woolen Men, two amazing shows on the horizon:
August 20th at Holocene with Mattress and Hammer of Hathor.
August 27th at Berbati's Pan with Meth Teeth, Magic Johnson and Kusikia.

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