Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New batch of tapes in from Night-People! Hope to have these down at the Half and Half this weekend.

These items are in stock right now:
Stepmother - Collage II - Karamazov - $5
Seth and Amanda - Lying Together - Karamazov - $5
Dim Holys - Is There Heat Rising in Your Neck - OMS-B - $7
NASA - Diamond and Wood - Not Not Fun - $7
The Polyps - Wheat - Eggy - $6
The Golden Hours - Spooky - Eggy - $4

Going to order some tapes from Holy Cheever Church and hopefully also Rare Youth. Waiting on the next round of releases from Gel Tapes and Not Not Fun.

Don't be the last kid on the block without a Sea Lords! Available at the Half and Half.

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