Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nice words from Mr. Doug Mosurock over at Dusted about the Polyps 7":

The Polyps
Peixe 7”

Wothwhile little bedroom pop single by a Providence artist not too stoked on organization – it took a while to figure out what this record even was, or who it was made by. Fortunately, the Internet came through. A-side is some bouncy Elephant 6 type pop with the distortion cranked up; B-side shows a more sensitive, late-night brooding feel to it, with a prominent Xpressway bent – strongly reminiscent of the Jefferies Bros. or Pumice. A solid effort from one Raf Spielman and guests, aiming to keep it pure. 400 copies, collage sleeve, hand-stamped labels.

The entire Still Single column can be found here.

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