Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two from Water Wing:
Psychic Feline - White Walls 7" - Water Wing Records
Psychic Feline - White Walls 7"
I realized recently that if I'm going to see a show, odds are it's a Psychic Feline show.  I've grown addicted to their -- to my ears -- distinctly West Coast sound; a combination of bristling punk energy and psychedelic mindset that is no stranger to either hypnotic repetition on one extreme or leveling guitar noise on the other.  "White Walls" is in and out with a deftly simple vocal line on top of a hiccuping beat, a riff to break things up and a momentary squall of double guitars to round everything out.  Can't imagine it's much longer than two minutes.  About as classic as they come.  "Non Dot" on the flip is an instrumental which is good but not nearly as good as the A, 'though that's not saying much.  If you are the type that enjoys a good 7", you are in for a treat.  Also, their first 7" on Highfives and Handshakes is quite good as well.  I am really proud that this came out of the city I live in.  $5
Witch Gardens - R.I.P 7" - Water Wing Records
Witch Gardens - R.I.P. 7"
Don't be deceived.  Seattle is not actually a breezy, sleepy, laid-back place.  People are mean and uptight and serious there.  But you wouldn't know it from listening to Witch Gardens, who seem to have invented their own parallel Seattle-verse of whimsical characters and upbeat pop.  You might actually think for a second that Seattle might be a city in Sweden judging by the purity of the band's devotion to pop music.  Summer is around the corner, and honestly your synth-drone cassette tapes are going to start collecting dust when your mind switches to BBQs-and-going-to-the-river mode. $5

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