Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sad Horse 1
Sad Horse - Eggy Tape - Eggy Records
Perhaps one of the highest compliments I can pay to Sad Horse is that after hearing their 7" on Mississippi Records and waiting to see them play for the first time, I realized that I had no idea what kind of people were about to take the stage. From the sounds on their record they could just as easily be a pair of young punks with a melodic streak as stylish artsy-types recently transplanted from New York. (I won't tell you what they're really like!) And I think this gets right to the core of their music -- it's not reducible to a certain "sound" or genre but instead represents the two distinct personalities behind the songs. Their music is frenetic and melodic, pleasantly frayed while executing tricky passages, spry one moment and rock and roll heavy the next. And also funny. In the few years since that first show I've gotten to know the two of them, and been able to figure out some of the elements going into their music -- Geoff's past playing drums in the band Fuck, his love of Thinking Fellers, little snippets of surf music, some African guitar, a dash of Dead Moon, for example. Elizabeth's deep, subliminal love of Zooey Deschanel. But ultimately what comes out is the particular combination of the two of them, Geoff's dizzying guitar lines with Elizabeth's scatter-shot drumming underneath, then suddenly 90s-heavy chords with a no-nonsense beat, and both of them hollering away on top. This release breaks a long dry-spell from one of Portland's great bands, and with a record in the works for the excellent, new Water Wing imprint it looks like there's a lot more good stuff to come.

$5, email to order it.

Here's "Check's In The Mail":

And you can check out a few more tracks here.
And also, if you are in Portland, don't miss the release show!
Woolen Men & Sad Horse & Well
Sad Horse
Woolen Men
and our new friends
Well the World Famous Kenton Club! Free! If you drink like crazy the bands get paid!
Sad Horse - Eggy Tape - Eggy Records

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