Monday, November 7, 2011

A pair of limited run re-presses on the table. Was doing some organizing and realized I had the tapes and covers to put a couple tapes back in print that I thought some folks might be interested in:
Jovontaes - Masks of the Land (reissue) - Eggy 11b (1)
Jovontaes - Masks of the Land
An Eggy favorite and early-ish release from these Lexington, KY rippers. They've got a new LP on Hello Sunshine and are on the up. I've got just a handful of these. $5
The Polyps - Flies Of Winter
The Polyps - Flies Of Winter
Made these up for the recent east coast tour (in support of a Hello Sunshine LP) and sold them all on the road, thought I'd do a few more for non-east coasters. Very stripped down, songs and improvisations on acoustic guitar for the most part. $5

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