Thursday, August 4, 2011

Julian Lynch - Buffalo Songs - Goaty Tapes
Julian Lynch - Buffalo Songs - Goaty Tapes
Audio doodles from the sketchbook of Julian Lynch. Over here is a little Beach Boys fragment; over there a daub of yacht rock; a few pages of New Music at Walkman fidelity; a big, noisy crayon scribble. Big, easy, emotional music.

$6, email to order.

ALSO, please read this news bulletin from the desk of Zully "Goaty" Adler:

I leave today to travel for a year. Pretty insane, right!

The reason I’m traveling is to meet, document, and work with as many awesome tape labels and other DIY projects as possible. So if you are in Australia, Southeast Asia, Continental Europe, Scandinavia, or Central America email me ( and let’s hang out! If you have any friends who are involved in DIY music, feel free to pass this information along.

Get in touch with that guy!

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