Sunday, May 15, 2011

Greg Davis - Schumann Resonances - Ekhein
Greg Davis - Schumann Resonances - Ekhein
Two sides of deep listening from Greg Davis. A-side is "Schumann Resonances (Level 2)," a sparse drone-scape out of which billowing tone shapes rise and dissipate. The overlapping forms create a subtle rhythmic play of pulsing beats with each rise and fall. From a distance the movement appears slow but on closer inspection the surface is teaming. B-side is "Schumann Resonances (Level 8)," a piece whose mood leans toward the menacing. There is a similar sense of movement as the flip as the sound seems to change in slow waves, but the rhythmic element is more pronounced here and the surface churning like an ominous ocean. Tones across the spectrum collide and warp each other.
Here's the Wikipedia article on Schumann Resonances. Good luck with it!
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