Sunday, February 20, 2011

New tape!
Pak - BoxPak detail
Pak - Box
For the last few years, Lauren Pakradooni, as Pak, has been making music out of tape loops and vocals, taking them to the extremes of distortion and damaged sound. Beneath the cacophany, the steady pulse of the loops always grounded the abbrasion, and her vocals, even if more felt than heard, lent their haunted spirit to the music. On "Box," Lauren has pulled back the sheets of noise so that the basic elements of her work stand out in stark relief. The twisted shards of tone now assemble to hint at melody and the white noise blast of her voice is now unadorned -- soft above the strange landscape. Rough beauty.

This tape is TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK FROM ME, but you should get it here:

Mimaroglu Music Sales
Feeding Tube

Albert's Basement


And in Portland:
Mississippi Records
Exiled Records
Tender Loving Empire

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