Thursday, September 30, 2010

Couple of very dreamy 3" CDRs from Hooker Vision. Morning music. The run-size of this label is still painfully small but they are definitely locking into an aesthetic both visually and sonically, which is always cool.
Aerial Jungle - Mosaic 3" CDR - Hooker Vision
Aerial Jungle - Mosaic 3" CDR
Two ten-ish minute jammers from Rachel Evans (of Hooker Vision) and the inimitable Brad Rose (of North Sea, Altar Eagle, Digitalis, one million other projects). First one is quietly propulsive with some melodic nods toward the Moebius-Roedelius school without laying it on too thick, thanks goodness. Second one is all swirls of mist and sparkling synth tones, relaxed without being catatonic. Both do their thing without lingering too long. Nothing earth-shattering but the whole package is great; little CDR, colorful art, really pleasant tracks. $6
Moss Swarm - Seance Horizon 3" CDR - Hooker Vision
Moss Swarm - Seance Horizon 3" CDR
Psych-folk drone-zone work from Grant Evans of Hooker Vision, Nova Scotian Arms. More twining branches and curling smoke than the other, more new age-y stuff of his I had heard, and this is a good thing, adding quite a bit of grit and substance. Again, two tracks, succinct and to the point. Nice variety of sounds and textures, all in all a Jeweled Antler, Last Visible Dog vibe done pleasantly if unassumingly. $6

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