Monday, August 30, 2010

Pete Swanson - Ghost O Clock
Pete Swanson - Ghost O Clock - $6

Surprising new tape from Pete Swanson that totally made my day. Layer upon layer of molten guitar, chugging away while the overtones collide above, but everything anchored by a steady 4/4 throb. Side B really breaks the mold with some excellent, treble-y, sun-scorched riffing beneath the swell of blown out guitar and -- I think -- faraway sing-speaking. This shit is straight up New Zealand 1989. So good.
Pete Swanson - Challenger
Pete Swanson - Challenger - $6
Heavy synth and tape detritus, seething across the stereo field. Very intense, very dense stuff, in constant motion. Pete's modular synth work is great, pushing way beyond the nostalgia-warble and filter-twiddling sound du jour. Nice rhythmic stuff a little bit in a Black Dice vein, and the tape-work gives the proceedings a lot of motion and energy. Recording quality is great on this tape, you really get a sense of how deep these pieces go. $6

Also, I'm not carrying them, but Pete just did a private press release of two LPs -- a "greatest hits" from the recent five tapes, six tape sides pressed onto an LP, and a split LP with Rene Hell for their upcoming tour(is that happening right now?). If these haven't disappeared yet, they will be gone in a second, highly recommended.

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