Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big batch from Night-People, here are the first couple:

Dunebuggy - Suck Me Raw Through a Flavor Straw - Night-People
Dunebuggy - Suck Me Raw Through a Flavor Straw
Before I start gushing, this tape is on the short side, 10-minutes in total. JUST SO YOU KNOW! Ok, Dunebuggy is a favorite around here and this tape is definitely a new height. Side A is something we haven't gotten from these guys before, a slow burner, and they really nail it. Vocals are echoed way out in les Rallizes Denudes style, but underneath the haze is the inscrutable, child-like tenderness that Charles Free seems to emit from deep within. A short drums-and-organ jammer finishes out the side in classic Dunebuggy style. The song on the flip continues in that mode but rips it up for the whole rest of the tape. Total bliss-out. The kids are going crazy. I don't know about you guys but I'm going to dub all my Dunebuggy tapes onto a c60 and jam it all summer. $5

Baronic Wall - The Golden Sword/In the Parlor - Night-People
Baronic Wall - The Golden Sword/In Granit Parlor
Bizarre and often bracing tape from this scumbag visionary collecting two out-of-print releases, each on a side. The Golden Sword raves away in Mark E. Smith mode over a backdrop of no-fi drum machine and keyboard murk. In Granit Parlor, by contrast, has a definite Shadow Ring feel, forgoing the drum machines and assault of the flip in favor of a more surreal text and open sound. Honestly, the first ten or so minutes of this tape are a hard listen because there is nothing to prepare you for the sonic barrage that starts immediately and doesn't let up for the entire side of the tape, but the totality of vision here is undeniable. Once you acclimate, this stuff can hit you pretty hard. Challenging and rewarding to a degree unusual to find in the casual confines of a c45, this is some serious stuff and highly recommended for anyone who wants something to chew over. $5

Tracey Trance - Fountain - Night-People
Tracy Trance - Fountain
Strange, beguiling, child-like music that quietly works its way deep into the crevices of your brain. On the title track, keyboards and drum machine back up a simple, eastern-leaning vocal melody that drifts along like a lazy stream bathed in morning sun. The other tracks are gentle instrumentals. Perfect tape for spring. I look forward to hearing more stuff from this guy/these guys. $5

Wild Safari - Cave Sequins - Night-People
Wild Safari - Cave Sequins
Nice little tape of synthesizer and drum machine sketches. Short but appealing tracks that hold their own. They remind me a little bit of the instrumental bits on Another Green World in that they feel like transmissions from a strange land. $5

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