Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dim Holys - Paranoid Awareness
A couple of Eggy-related items:
Brian Mumford's Dim Holys project has a new CDR, called Paranoid Awareness, available at the Half and Half. Let's be honest, shit is brutal, really, really brutal, but also pretty amazing. Feverish, headachey, it's one half-hour long track that makes you feel weird. The textures are harsh but the whole piece is constantly shifting and folding back in on itself. Totally unlike any noise or drone music I've ever heard. Brian self-released this CDR in an edition of 10 which is mostly gone, but this is definitely a very good and very strange release, so I can't imagine it will never be available again after they're gone. The next CDR is already done, or so I hear. Also, I've still got a copy or two of the first Dim Holys tape, Is There Heat Rising In Your Neck, which came out on OMS-B, and which is 180 degrees from this CDR, being peaceful, glacial sleep-drones.

Also, Mattress is two weeks into their month long residency at Berbati's Restaurant. The show last night was killer, with Don Hellions opening. Two more Wednesdays to go, free, music starts a little after 10. The last show is on the 25th with Magic Johnson, and maybe I will have the new Mattress tape on Eggy done by then.

Last, I am buried in tapes, will hopefully get that stuff organized this weekend. Quickly, all three tapes from Digitalis -- Brother Raven, Lakes, Plankton Wat -- are really solid, some of my favorite tapes to come out recently. Not sure why, but I only ordered a couple of each, so they're gonna go quick. Dunebuggy tape from Gel is great, looks great. Huge box of stuff arrived from Night-People today, and a box from Goaty as well.

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