Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I got a few tapes in from the Night-People label out of Iowa City. They have been releasing a ton of amazing music lately so I'm pleased get some tapes that might not be on people's radars here in Portland. Not to mention the art that Shawn does for these guys, which is silk-screened and super elegant, and worth the price of the tape by itself. Also, check out the Night-People website because about a dozen new tapes just dropped. I will bring these by the Half and Half this week. Very interesting interview with Night-People here.

This is a weird one. The main reference point is probably the Conet Project. Mangled transmissions from a world right beneath the one we inhabit. Barely visible shapes in a haze of tape hiss. Refreshingly difficult and, really, shouldn't cassette tapes be the medium in which people really experiment? Raw and weird. $6

Nautilus is Heidi Diehl and she makes beautiful, quiet music. Two tracks here; side A is "Horizon," a simple, shimmering drone in two parts. Side B is where this tape really shines. "Little Unknown" is still drone music but moves through three distinct parts each it's own world yet all a cohesive whole. Nautilus uses melody really well and that's when her music hits home. $6

Peaking Lights are one of the most interesting bands making music right now. Their sound is mysterious and lush. A repeating melody or strange old drum machine beat is usually used as a foundation upon which squiggles of sound and distant, echoing vocals are overlain. It's hazy and mellow but engaging as well. Two medium length tracks, pre-Imaginary Falcons LP. $6

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