Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Tape
Sunken Colony - Rites Of The New Flesh - Eggy Records
From the small but arguably world-class synth/drone community of Portland, OR comes a new tape from Tony Remple's Sunken Colony, the long delayed follow-up to an elusive but well loved release from the Meandering label.  Rites Of The New Flesh stands out in its monolithic refusal of synthesizer conventions -- in the place of "blissful" tones or harmonies, we are treated to adorned space, mysterious cycles of audio detritus that begin and end in medias res, leaving no trace of narrative.  Hard, talismanic music.  Spells cast in static. 
$5, email eggyrecords@gmail.com to order.
Hi friends,
It's been a busy summer cruising the country on tour with my pals, Lame Drivers.  Thanks for coming out to the shows when we were in your 'hood.  If you caught one of the killer sets by the Lames you might be interested in the kickstarter fundraiser they have been doing this summer.  They are wrapping in up in a day or two but it's a cool project so I thought I would spread the word: