Thursday, April 28, 2011


Brother Raven
Garrincha & the Stolen Elk (Davy from Antennas Erupt!/Weird Forest Records)
Tracey Trance
The Polyps

The show will start promptly at 8.
4817 NE Garfield Ave

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sorry for any slowdown of late, my laptop may or may not finally be dead (After 6 and a half years! What a trooper!).

The annual fundraiser for Appendix Gallery is tonight and should be great. A ton of great art is going to get raffled off (you could win a piece of art for 5 bucks!), everyone is going to be drunk out of their gourds, the Woolen Men are going to play, and then there will be a dance party. There will also be tacos. Insane.
Appendix is in the alley between NE 26th and 27th, just south of Alberta.
From 6ish until 7ish will be a silent auction for the art pieces, the raffle at 10ish, partying begins when raffle ends.

Come and buy raffle tickets and go home with a piece by:
Brennan Conaway, Carlos Gonzalez, Charissa Niles, Container Corps, Dave Griess, Edward Sharp, Gary Wiseman, Laura Hughes, Michael Reinsch, Midori Hirose, Molly Cooney-Mesker, Nathan Dinihanian, Oregon Painting Society, PISS, Sean Patrick Carney, Terence Duvall, Zach Rose

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Orca Team/Golden Hours show tonight is CANCELED! Some nice DJs will be playing records instead, should be nice like it is every night at Valentine's.
Next batch went off to the tape duplicators today. Here's what was in it:

Sky Thing - Cooler Heads Prevail
Paul Ballance - World Wide Gas
Mad Nanna - S/T
Prescription Pills - In The Graveyaard EP
Post-Materialists - Love
Trailblazer - S/T EP
Archers - S/T EP
Orca Team - Let It Go (2nd Edition)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Orca Team & Golden Hours
Will probably get going around 10pm and hopefully be done at a reasonable hour. See you there! Free!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bridget Hayden - A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean LP - KRAAK
Well, Dusted beat me to the punch with their write-up of this record this morning -- got copies of it a couple weeks ago and it's been in pretty heavy rotation since. Stark, meditative, completely blasted and completely beautiful. Noise Music is possibly one of the most hermetic genres, rarely accessible by any other terms than it's own. (It's telling that the recent diaspora into drone and synthesizer music has been a clean break.) This LP is remarkable for the unrelenting waves of frayed guitar that none-the-less allow suggestions of voice and song to glimmer beneath the surface. I don't hesitate to call this album beautiful -- and one of the most beautiful I've heard all year -- but that doesn't mean that it's not also abrasive and repetitive. It's a difficult record but well worth the engagement. I recommend it highly. $15

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So the Grouper LPs are spoken for. Believe me, if I could have stocked 20 copies of them I would have in an instant. Again, I'm guessing there will be a repress before too long. Only thing left to do now is watch this music video:
So I have:
One copy of the Alien Observer LP by Grouper.
And one copy of the Dream Loss LP by Grouper.
They are $17 each. Here's the thing, you have to pinkie swear me that you are really, really going to listen to them. There's going to be a repress, anyway, I would bet.

Concern - Truth and Distance - Digitalis - $15
Ignatz - Selected Songs From Cassettes 2005-2009 - KRAAK - $15
Bridget Hayden - An Indifferent Ocean - KRAAK - $15
Marisa Anderson - The Golden Hour - Mississippi - $10

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Golden Hours at the Woods, with Lake and AgesandAges.
It costs a whopping 10 clams but it will be worth every penny. I PROMISE.
6637 Milwaukie Avenue

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New in stock from Mississippi Records:
Chalk Circle - Reflection LP - Mississippi Records
Chalk Circle - Reflection LP - Mississippi Records
A previously unknown group to me -- and probably to many -- Chalk Circle were a brief, bright anomaly in the early D.C. punk scene, squeezing in two years of activity('81-'83) before the orthodoxy of male hardcore bulldozered them out of the way. This LP is the first retrospective of their work, and their first non-various-artist-compilation release ever, I believe. So not a "lost album" but rather the document of a feverishly creative group of young women shooting sparks in just about every direction. As such, it's a scattered listen -- audio fidelity, quality and mood varying quite a bit from track to track -- but what it lacks in cohesion it more than makes up for in stand-out tracks, even if they sound like they could have been recorded by half a dozen different groups. The easy reference for most of these songs is LiLiPUT in their herky-jerky exuberance, but "The Look" works lively, pre-Beat Happening naivete, "Easy Escapes" is lithe like the Au Pairs, with shimmering guitars and acrobatic bass, "High Stress" shows the influence of the D.C. punk scene. It's fair to say that if they had released a handful of these tracks as 45s in the early 80s, Chalk Circle would be legendary by now. This LP has its ups and downs but should be essential listening for fans of the Neo Boys or anyone interested in early American regional punk scenes. Comes with a full color, interesting(the Chalk Circle girls were friends with young Henry Rollins and pre-Minor Threat Ian MacKaye) if not enlightening booklet with many photos and press clippings. $11

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tomorrow! Free! Talking Heads!
I think the way it works is, whenever a song comes on, a band in either Portland or New York covers it while it's happening on the screen. Or maybe not! Should be fun no matter what or how.
After a delay, here's the last of the three new Gift Tapes:
Matt Carlson - Gecko Dream Levels - Gift Tapes
Matt Carlson - Geck Dream Levels (detail) - Gift Tapes
Matt Carlson - Gecko Dream Levels - Gift Tapes $7
Zero-gravity synthesizer music from half of Golden Retriever. These tracks bubble and wobble, lurch, skitter, tumble and hiccup. Super weird, super deep. If you're (also) tired of easy-breezy synth noodling, or if you're interested in music that rewards serious engagement, then this tape is for you. I mean, isn't the best synthesizer music all about realizing the zonked alternate-universe in one's mind?
Eggy mail-order.

Matt Carlson - Bird Level from Brenna Murphy on Vimeo.