Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Half and Half and Jeff and Tape
End of an era, guys. After ten years, the Half and Half is closing and the distro side of the Eggy universe will most likely be closing with it. This Friday will be your very last chance to buy a slice of the best pie in Portland, a cup of the best coffee in Portland and the new Jefre Cantu-Ledesma tape all at the same place, so make sure to stop by this week if not on the 30th itself, which will be a day-long celebration filled with booze, tears and maybe the Woolen Men. The space will be taken over by Courier Coffee, who are good, good friends of mine, and there's really no one else out there with the chops to step in. 923 SW Oak will no doubt remain a Portland institution under their care, and however sad I am to see the Half and Half close, I am also very proud of my friends as they take the next big steps forward with the business that is their life's vision.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hello, I am house-sitting for this whole next week. I'm not sure that I will have internet, but I will manage to check email once or twice and I will probably try to mail any orders out maybe once at some point during the week. On that note, I have Pete Swanson's tapes in stock again, all three of them (Denim Life, Unlimited Options, Mr. Entertainment). I cannot recommend these tapes highly enough -- totally beautiful destruction with the barely audible threads of song form holding everything together. I also have the new El Jesus de Magico tape on Goaty, which is blown-out and hypnotic. Kind of a Sonic Youth trip this time out. OK, see you later!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This show happened a while back but the poster is one of my favorites, done by Chris Johanson.
Wild Yaks & the Woolen Men Poster by Chris Johanson

Friday, April 2, 2010

Just a reminder post of the many Eggy happenings in the coming week:

Early show at the Wail on 42nd and Killingsworth. Lots of bands, short sets, starts at 7pm, everything is done by 10. The Sacramento Bee reports that Aaron Zeff, the man behind Buk Buk Bigups, was recently approached by two dark-suited IRS agents at his business, Harv's Metro Car Wash, to collect a delinquent text debt of 4 cents. He's also gotten props from upstanding KDVS radio program Art for Spastics and has a new LP on Weird Forest. Also playing will be Repressive Proteins, which has got Davy who used to be in Antennas Erupt!, who did an LP with S-S and were beloved by me and also by Pete Swanson. Also playing, Mom, and Night-People buddy/Eggy distro favorite Dirty Beaches all the way from Montreal. And the Polyps with a new vocals and tape loops set-up, the first live show in probably a year!

Woolen Men at Rontoms on East Burnside with local and Eggy distro favs Nucular Aminals. It's FREE! And Experimental Dental School, newly renamed XDS.

The Golden Hours at Holocene with the Globes from Seattle and Pepper Rabbit from LA. Also FREE! Also a special of some sort on Trumer Pils!

Once again, the Woolen Men, this time at the Artistery. Really stoked to see Death Songs, the solo outlet for Nick of Shaky Hands. The lone Death Songs release is a tape on UHU which RULES! It was hard to find for a while there, but it seems to be in good supplies around town. Get one! $4! Also playing, super nice sounds of Inside Voices, Woolen Men played a gig with them really early on at Valentine's and it was great. I don't know how much this show costs. Not much, I hope!

Woolen Men Artistery Poster